Śluby Panieńskie



Be my other half of the moon.

Let's be one,
let's join our lights.

Through the fog and dark clouds
we wrapped ourselves in.

Wake me up.
And I will not let you fall asleep.

You will sing
and I will dance.

Our home is among the stars.

I know you love their
melody as much as I do.

I have heard it in your eyes.

Od wschodu do nowiu


Umówmy się na kawę i papierosy.

Na spacer o piątej nad ranem.
Bo jak mówi Iggy,
to wszystko jest nasze.

Chcę chłonąć to powietrze
nasączone oddechem młodego słońca,
rosą, smugami odchodzącej nocy.

Nie musieć nic.

Choć jeden dzień.

Noc spędzimy na rozmowie.
Opowiem Ci o żółtych kwiatach,
które chodzą spać.

Rozpalimy ognisko
i zakochamy się w księżycu nudyście
kąpiącym się bezwstydnie w jeziorze.

Dziś ludzie boją się zmoknąć
w czasie deszczu
i boją się śpiewać.

Stronią od wariactwa,
od wolności.

A Ty?

Umówmy się na kawę i papierosy.

Czerń i biel to najpiękniejsze kolory.


I have nothing special to offer.

I am just a handful of stardust.
If I fit your sky, smudge me on it.

If you can dance to the music
that puts my particles into motion,
take me, lie next to me and melt
while it caresses us …

If you can hear my eyes whisper
like I can hear yours
put your arms around me and be.

If the night calls you to stare at the moon,
Join me on the roof and talk to me
till the dawn comes and washes us away.

I am all yours.

Apparently, we reflect each other’s lights
not letting them die.


There are men who deserve to be loved
just because of their eyes, naked souls
which whisper straight to your heart.

Star dust, soulmate, God’s elemt.
Call it whatever you want,
there are no words explaining that bond.

Men you do not need to meet or touch
to offer them all the world’s love
right from the moment you first heard them,
or looked into their pure, heavenlish sad eyes.

Only God knows why we miss them when they are gone.
Why we feel like if someone ripped out a piece of us…
A piece we never knew we had.

And probably only God knows why
men who deserve that kind of
unconditional, inexplainable love
decide to give up and leave
while our hearts are broken into pieces
and refuse to accept their absence.

Even wind smells, feels and sounds like them…


In loving memory of magical Chris Cornell who has touched my life in a very strange and inexplainable way about 8 years ago… My heart, my mind will always miss your sparkle…