Instead of flowers he brought me a poem

Interntional Poetry Day ! 21.03.2017
It was so rewarding to see that so many people enjoyed our event !
Also, thank you for voting for my poem, even though you didn’t know who the author was 🙂

“Red, red, black, black, red, red”

Wardrobe filled with white and grey,
drawers full of black stockings and silky panties.

Blond fluff soaked with raindrops and whispers.
Goddess- shaped alabaster body
lying on the kitchen floor.

Blue eyes hidden in a fog,
shiny, carmine lips half open,
sipping wine from a man’s hand.

Bony wrist decorated with a golden watch
that stopped at twelve o’clock.

Bedroom air perfumed with roses.
A dried daisy on the nightstand.

Call her Elizabeth and count to fifty.

Listen to her steps fading in the hallway.



She dropped of her
red dress and sunnish wreath.

Walked through the town naked.

Everything went silent.

Her body was steaming
as she swayed in the chilly, evening air.

I was left in the middle of
soft, scented fog
with a bouquet of dried roses.

Before washing away behind clouds,
in the dimmed moonlight,
I felt her silky lips
kissing me goodbye.

Magic got soaked back into the sky
to float among the star dust.

I will wait for you to make it rain.

“Whisky dust”

Two glasses of whisky
dipped in a cigarette smoke.

The sound of ice
dancing at the bottom
every time we take a sip.

Red rose in an empty bottle
and a little note.

Shine bright my star,
he murmurs and grins,
shine bright.

He touches my hand
and the cage cracks.

Peel me like an egg John,
help me hatch.

Take me under your drafty wings.