Instead of flowers he brought me a poem

Interntional Poetry Day ! 21.03.2017
It was so rewarding to see that so many people enjoyed our event !
Also, thank you for voting for my poem, even though you didn’t know who the author was 🙂



There is a rocky path,
small fields on the left
and a mysterious forest on the right,
a fairyland.

Cold creek among the trees
running towards the lake.
A red short wall decorated with nettles
and a gate at the end of the road.

Winding hill, red brick steps on the side
with cones spread all around,
just like if someone dropped them in a hurry.

At the top of the hill, right behind the bushes
a castle surrounded by acacias.
In front of the entrance a nut-tree.
Further, rabbits, swings, a sandpit and a slide.
Flowers everywhere.

A small beach at the bottom of the hill
with a thick chain at the entrance
and a leaning willow at the bank,
next to a rusty, creaky pier.

Warm raindrops dripping from the sun,
air filled with whispers, magic and wild mint.
Black night sprinkled with stars
mirrored in the surface of the lake.