I have nothing special to offer.

I am just a handful of stardust.
If I fit your sky, smudge me on it.

If you can dance to the music
that puts my particles into motion,
take me, lie next to me and melt
while it caresses us …

If you can hear my eyes whisper
like I can hear yours
put your arms around me and be.

If the night calls you to stare at the moon,
Join me on the roof and talk to me
till the dawn comes and washes us away.

I am all yours.

Apparently, we reflect each other’s lights
not letting them die.


“Whisky dust”

Two glasses of whisky
dipped in a cigarette smoke.

The sound of ice
dancing at the bottom
every time we take a sip.

Red rose in an empty bottle
and a little note.

Shine bright my star,
he murmurs and grins,
shine bright.

He touches my hand
and the cage cracks.

Peel me like an egg John,
help me hatch.

Take me under your drafty wings.