There are men who deserve to be loved
just because of their eyes, naked souls
which whisper straight to your heart.

Star dust, soulmate, God’s elemt.
Call it whatever you want,
there are no words explaining that bond.

Men you do not need to meet or touch
to offer them all the world’s love
right from the moment you first heard them,
or looked into their pure, heavenlish sad eyes.

Only God knows why we miss them when they are gone.
Why we feel like if someone ripped out a piece of us…
A piece we never knew we had.

And probably only God knows why
men who deserve that kind of
unconditional, inexplainable love
decide to give up and leave
while our hearts are broken into pieces
and refuse to accept their absence.

Even wind smells, feels and sounds like them…


In loving memory of magical Chris Cornell who has touched my life in a very strange and inexplainable way about 8 years ago… My heart, my mind will always miss your sparkle…


“Whisky dust”

Two glasses of whisky
dipped in a cigarette smoke.

The sound of ice
dancing at the bottom
every time we take a sip.

Red rose in an empty bottle
and a little note.

Shine bright my star,
he murmurs and grins,
shine bright.

He touches my hand
and the cage cracks.

Peel me like an egg John,
help me hatch.

Take me under your drafty wings.



I have got you at the tip of my tongue,
at the end of my mind.

My fallen star which rose again and shines brightly,
enlightens my dreams, my way.

A feather you planted under my blade
has grown, has spread.

My angel, which I miss more and more every fall.

I am hungry for your voice,
your work and eyes.
Forever young.

I was shaped with your words.

Tell me, would you drink with me,
to celebrate the fate ?
If we ever met…

My Angel

With broken, dirty wings.
Feathers missing here and there.

He got older.

There’s less whisky in his veins,
belly does not fit the shirt anymore.
He sits still, calmly smoking a cigar.
Long, grayish hair falling on his
handsome face kissed by time.

My fallen angel.

I have never thanked you for
all the nights you held me tight,
for tears that you took away.

I have never thanked you for your prayers
mumbled softly to the sky,
for giving me air when I was out of breath,
loosing my mind.

It was you who led me to the stars.

Now they shimmer in the ocean of my eyes.