“Feel Me “


I am standing in the spotlight.

Somebody opens the door.

Subtle perfumes slowly fill my nostrils,
their owner must be somewhere at the end of the room.

My sight sharpens and I see her shape, her perfect shape.
She moves to the table.
The waiter chases her with a drink like a dog,
watching her every move.
Who could blame him ?

I imagine she is beautiful.
Soft skin, long, fair hair
and deep blue eyes full of mystery I want to solve.

My mouth opens as she takes the first sip.
I press my lips against the microphone
as if I was about to kiss her.

I lower my voice and stuck my sight
in that black, goddess- shaped shadow.
I hope our eyes meet, I hope she shivers.
In my mind my voice caresses every inch of her body.

I close my eyes and whisper passionately.
Hold the microphone stand the same way I would hold her waist.
I pull it close to my chest.
My words are getting louder, faster.
Heart beats like crazy and blood burns my veins.

I stop.

Her perfumes fill my nostrils again.
For a moment there I think she is right in front of me.
I can almost feel her warmth.

Bright light makes me lift my eyelids.

She is gone...

I walk up to her table.
There is only a glass
with a red, bitter- sweet mark on it.

I already miss her taste, the taste I have never known.

(The first part of this story is here https://smokemelikeyourcigarette.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/touch-me/

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