“Please, open when I will knock”

The beauty of this world
is hidden in words.

Yet only some people
have the power to revive them.

They spoke to my heart
when I was just a little child
and I have been possessed ever since.

I pray to God every day,
asking Him if He could make me one of them,
if He could help me get to the other side…

I found my air and I am yearning for more!

Yes, now I know that I am determined to reach my goals.
Yet… have mercy, fill me with hope,
since lately I can barely feel its soothing warmth.

Danka Sikorska



  1. It is not in the words,
    The word on for honey has no sweetness.
    The beauty less in Truth –
    The words are only signs that point the way.

    Look not to words,
    But rather learn to recognize Truth.

    • That’s beautiful and true, yet by words I meant something else, that’s why I mentioned that only some people can revive them 😉

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