“Choose life”

Call me ignorant
but just let the light shimmer above my head,
let those whispers softly dance in my ears
and leave me alone
because I don’t care !
Because I know
how ended those who gave a damn !

Names, you say ?
You want some names ?
Alright then, suit yourself.

Heathcliff, died.
Even twice I might say.
Billy, stuck in the air,
but never managed to fly away.
Roxana, fed karma with her own breast.
Humbert, lost his heart, his mind and the light of his life.

You may ask my friend
how do I know all of this.
Then I’ll reply:
I read my dear, I read.

Since only through books
you can taste the true craziness.
And trust me,
only crazy people are worth something these days.
Sanity is a disease.

You don’t believe me ?
Then ask Alice,
hold her hand
and chase the white rabbit when there’s still time.

Otherwise reality will smash you
and no one will notice.
No one but the boy without the turtleneck,
who will murmur sadly and very slow:
“And your soul from out that shadow
that lies floating on the floor
shall be lifted,

Danka Sikorska


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